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Surf Lessons Info 

1. Can I eat before Surfing?

No big meals 90 minutes prior to Surf Lesson, small snack or light meal is okay.


2. Does Culture Surf Provide Gear?

Yes, we provide all the boards and leashes and any other equipment for lessons.

3. Location

The exact location will be determined 12-24 hours prior to the lesson based on surf/weather conditions and crowds 

4. What should I bring?

We recommend putting on Sunscreen before the lesson, bringing snacks, water, a large towel, proper swim gear i.e. tight-fitting bottoms and tops for females and Swim Trunks for men, Hat and anything you need to feel more comfortable. 

5. What if there are no waves the day we are booked?

There are a few options for this, we reschedule the lesson if you are flexible or we can run through safety and surf drills that will strengthen their surf technique and stamina. We also provided other surf-related water activities.

6. What if something happens/ emergency?
On call physician and local law enforcement will be notified, along with parent/and or guardian immediately. All
staff is CPR/ First Aid Certified.

7. I / my child has never surfed before and I am worried about the conditions?
We understand your concerns and as owners and parent, we strive to provide education, safety, and priority to
you and or/your child. The location of most lessons will be located in a non-crowded area, with conditions that are beginner friendly
for all ages.

8. Inclement weather, in case of inclement weather, this is part of our camping experience we will accommodate the situation to thebest of our availability. In case of a hurricane/tropical storm camp will be canceled and rescheduled and payments will be transferable but not refunded.

Refund Policy?

Request to Book:  Payment is required at the time of booking, if we are unable to accommodate the request we will send you alternative dates within 24 hours. If we are unable to accommodate the time and date you will be refunded the full amount.


Cancellations must be provided 48 hours in advance for a 50% refund. Options to transfer your booking /spot to another person are accepted upon request but no later than 2 hours before the start of the adventure. No refunds for missed days or early leave.





1. Age Restrictions for Rental: Must be 18 Years or older to rent boards.

2. Full Deposit REQUIRED: $80 Deposit for CC


3. Provide either an ID card, passport, driver's license, or credit card to make a proper deposit on the rental surfboards.


4. Penalties Damaged or Late Returns: If the board is brought back damaged i.e: dings, broken leash,  fin damage,  an additional $25 for each damage will be charged to the credit card. If the board is brought back with severe damage and unusable, then a charge of $300 will be added to the card. Late returns are an additional $25 per hour.


5. Lost or Stolen board: A charge of $300 will be added to the Credit Card on file.


Be sure to check the board before renting!

Surfing without Experience: You assume all risk and reasonability when renting from Culture Surf & Yoga TX, and agree to the Waiver and Rental Policy Provided. No refunds will be provided for any Rentals Culture Surf & Yoga Provide. We recommend for inexperienced or beginners that surf lessons are taken prior to rentals.

$15 per Hour / $30 per day (up to 8 hours):  All daily rentals must be brought back before closing.

Surf Lesson / Discount on Board Rentals: Ask about our daily and surf lesson specials.

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